Lottery Rewards


Each lottery last for a full week. You'll be able to participate and get tickets at anytime during the 7 days. Once a lottery is done, another one begin right after.


The winner is randomly generated using a smart contract. This smart contract establish your odds of winning by dividing your number of tickets by the total number of tickets. Your number of tickets resets after each lottery in order to give equal chances to everyone to win. The winner is picked every Sunday at 4 PM UTC and will be displayed on the website until the winner of the next lottery is picked.


The only way to get tickets is by purchasing new snows. For every 0.01 ETH invested during the time window, you'll receive 1 ticket as well as your snows. There is no additional tickets given when rewards are compounded.


There are three Grade Levels.
Level 0: General user Level 1: You can increase your rewards with 1.2 times. Level 2: You can reduce tax with an half
You can increase your account level by Lottery Rewards.
Once you win the lottery, your level increase with 1. You win the lottery twice, your level would be 2.
If your level is 2, then you can both get 1.2 times rewards and reduce tax with an half.
After increasing your level, you can claim your rewards.