A fee of 10% on every purchase and sale of snows is taken. These fees serve the team to develop the project and conquer new ecosystems.
5% of which will be used to sweep the floor price of SnowApe


For every interaction you do with SNOWBALL, such as : purchasing snow, compounding rewards or claim rewards, you'll have to pay gas fees. These fees are generally not so high and are used to pay validator on the Ethereum network. As such, you'll always need to keep a small amount of ETH in your wallet in order to use SNOWBALL.


A 50% penalty is applied on anyone claiming their rewards before the mandatory 6 times compound. This measure is in place to refrain users from draining the liquidity pool and encouraging them to re-invest their rewards.
Once you've reached the mandatory 6 times compound, you'll be able to claim the full amount of your reward balance.
The 50% penalty is applied on the reward balance and not on the total lands value. This fee is kept in the TVL and does not move outside the contract.