1. How does ETH Snowball work?

You deposit your ETH and every day you will around 3% of interest on your invested amount that continuously produces profit throughout the day.
It is encouraged to compound your reward for six days to maximize your profits and claim on the seventh day.

2. What will my daily percentage be?

The daily percentage is 3%. It depends on your strategy, on the deposits as well as on the TVL fluctuation. Average daily return is between 3% and 5%.

3. Why are my rewards growing slowly?

If you claim your rewards too often, your daily production drops. Fluctuation of the TVL can also cause lower daily percentages in certain case.

4. What happens once I've claimed my rewards?

When you've claimed your rewards, you'll receive your reward balance directly into your wallet. Your daily rewards will then start again from scratch and you'll be getting rewards based on your snow value.

5. How does the dynamics of the contract work?

The estimated rate of snows per ETH is a function of the TVL. When there is high purchase pressure, the estimated rate will increase and when there is high sell pressure, it'll decrease. This dynamic is to ensure the longevity of the project, since it is impossible to guarantee a fixed daily ROI to everyone. This feature is the sole reason other miners have been running for over a year and continues to pay steady rewards to everyone without the TVL ever draining out.

6. What are snows?

Snows is the equivalent of miners. They are in charge of generating your daily rewards.

7. How long will the contract pay out rewards?

The contract will pay out rewards as long as there is liquidity in the contract.

8. Can I get my initial back?

ETH Snowball is a locked reward pool, so you will only be able to withdraw the daily rewards.

9. Is there a minimum or a maximum deposit?

The minimum amount you can invest is 0.01 ETH, while the maximum is 50 ETH. Consider that ETH gas fees will have a huge impact on lower amounts.

10. Is there a minimum amount to compound?

There’s no minimum amount to compound.

11. Where can I get my referrals?

You'll be able to find your referral link below Your Referral Link section. You can copy your link and share it with your friends so everytime that they invest in the project, you'll get 5% of their invested amount directly deposited into your wallet. You'll then be free to re-invest this amount in ETH Snowball or keep it in your wallet.

12. What are the fees?

The only fees you'll have, is a 10% tax on every purchase and every claims of rewards. No Fee is taken when you re-invest your rewards in order to motivate people to re-invest more frequently and create a seamless experience. As stated, these fees are used for marketing and for the project development.

13. Will my snows decrease if I claim rewards?

No, snow value will never decrease. When you make a new deposit or re-invest, the amount will increase. If you claim your rewards too often, the daily rewards percentage will be less than if you had continued to compound. However, your snows will never decrease.

14. Is ETH Snowball sustainable?

There will always be rewards if there is liquidity. People who decides to eat too often will be heavily punished by getting lower and lower rewards.

15. What is the best strategy?

We encourage you to use the battle-tested 30/1 strategy. It is known to provide the best results and receive the initial back in 3-5 weeks. After that period, you'll be playing with the house money.

16. What prevents a rug pull?

The contract is immutable, so once it is deployed (at the launch of the ETH Snowball platform), it will always be the same. We have been fully audited and the smart contract is also available to be seen by anyone on ETH Scan.

17. Am I late? Can I still invest?

A lot of marketing is constantly planned and the best way to increase the probability of making great profit is to invest as soon as possible. As the saying goes : The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

18. What is the goal of ETH Snowball?

The goal of ETH Snowball is to create a sustainable system with high rewards for the community and to create the largest ETH reward pool community of all time. The goal of the community is to earn while having fun with a serious project that will last for a long time, allowing people to make great profit!

19. What will happen if I don't keep compounding every 24 hours?

Your snows will stop generating rewards after 24 hours. Thus, if you don't compound after 24 hours, your reward balance will stagnate.

20. What happens if I buy additional snows during the process?

It will automatically reset your compound timer and won't count it in your compound counter since you didn't wait 24 hours to compound. As such, we recommend you to wait until you compound your current reward before buying additional snows. However, if it has been over 24 hours since your last compound, if you buy additional snows, it will automatically re-compound your total snows and the compound counter will increase.

21. Once I've waited 6 compounds, will I be able to claim my rewards on a daily basis?

Everytime that you claim your rewards, the compound counter resets. So in order to avoid the early withdraw tax, you have to compound 6 times between each time you want to claim your rewards.

22. When I try to purchase snows/claim rewards, there's ridiculously high gas fees, is that normal?

Gas fee shouldn't be so high. If it asks you to pay more than that, it means that there is an error with your network. We'd suggest you to clear your cache or try with another browser.

23. My snows value fluctuate, is that normal?

As stated in the whitepaper, the estimated rate of snows/ETH is based on a dynamic function. Everytime there's a movement in the TVL, it will impact your snows value. This estimated rate should stabilize overtime.

24. How can I see my referral bonus?

You can look up how much ETH you've gained in referral by looking up the internal transactions of your wallet address in Ethereum Scan. You can also see your total referral bonus directly on our website.

25. How much will I receive in my wallet once I claim my rewards?

You will always receive the exact amount that is displayed in your reward balance. Thus, if you've just compounded for the 6th time and the compound counter turned green, it is recommended to wait another 24 hours in order to maximize your reward balance and the amount you'll be able to withdraw.

26. How many times in a row can I compound my rewards?

You can compound 30 times in a row, after which you won't be receiving any additional rewards from compound interest. Once you reach that point, you'll need to claim your rewards and you'll be able to re-compound for another 30 days in a row.

27. Will I start from scratch once I claim my rewards?

No, when you claim your rewards, you only take the rewards accumulated during the last 24 hours. As such, you don't lose your snows and they will keep generating rewards as long as you keep compounding.