Key Features

24 Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off

The cutoff time is the amount of time it will take for your snows to generate the maximum rewards they can by themselves. If you want your snows to continue generate rewards, you'll have to manually compound your rewards. This feature is to ensure that every members of ETH Snowball is active and participate in the expansion of the project.

24 Hours Withdraw Cooldown

Once you've claimed rewards, you'll have to wait 24 hours before claiming them again. This feature is to prevent excessive withdrawal and it ensure the longevity of the project

6 Times Mandatory Compound Feature

Members have to compound at least 6 times before claiming their rewards. If they don't respect this rule, they will face a 50% penalty fee on their reward balance. As stated, this penalty fee stays in the TVL and doesn't move from the contract. Once again, this feature is to ensure the longevity of the project. There is a compound counter that keeps track of the number of time you've compounded since your last snow purchase.

Compound Feature Once Every 24 Hours

It'll be possible to compound your rewards only once every 24 hours. If you try to compound them before then, you'll be hit with an error message and the transaction won't go through. This feature is to ensure that no one can have an important advantage on others by keep compounding multiple times per day.


Every wallet can only deposit a maximum of 50 ETH in the contract. This feature is to make sure that there is no whale in the project and will avoid disparity. Everyone should be equal in the SNOWBALL


If the contract detects suspicious activity, such as a high number of transactions per minute in a single wallet, it'll automatically blacklist this wallet. This feature is to ensure that there is no bot in the project and only real active members. However, if the contract wrongfully blacklists a wallet and the owner shows evidence to the dev team that proves that he's innocent, it'll be possible to remove this wallet from the blacklist.